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Luxurious house in a jungle setting

Sep 21, 2021
Have you ever felt you want to get away from it all? To travel to a place where time seems to stand still and natur [more]
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Legal Real Estate stuff to know – Epis...

Sep 07, 2021
Many times per week I receive questions regarding legal procedures in real estate. I also get a handful of question [more]
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Discovering Nicaragua Episode 2: Corn Island

Aug 05, 2021
Welcome to the second episode of Discover Nicaragua! This time we went to the absolutely stunning Big Corn Island—o [more]
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Real Estate Report Midyear 2021.

Jul 16, 2021
The real estate market here in Southern Nicaragua has been flaming hot the first half of 2021! With the reopening o [more]
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Historic House in downtown San Juan del Sur

Jul 09, 2021
Properties in the very center of San Juan del Sur are very rare. And historic properties that are passed from gener [more]
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Traveling to Nicaragua is easier with Southw...

Jul 03, 2021
The options of international flights into Liberia, Costa Rica have always been greater than flying into the capital [more]
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San Juan del Sur Rental market update.

Jun 14, 2021
For many, buying a home in Nicaragua is about more than just having a place to vacation. It is often about the oppo [more]
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Discovering Nicaragua Episode 1: Somewhere i...

May 31, 2021
Is it your dream to travel the world and discover new places? I hear this often when I am speaking with foreign cli [more]
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My job is so cool

May 12, 2021
?????? ??? ?? ????????, ????? ???? ?????… ????? ?? ??! ? ??????? ???, ??’? ?????, ??? ????? ????! In th [more]
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A fishing day with Dario Obando

Apr 20, 2021
Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How is the fishing in Nicaragua?” Or perhaps, “What can I fish for i [more]
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Finally, an beachfront property in San Juan ...

Apr 09, 2021
For all of you that were looking for a beachfront opportunity in San Juan del Sur. Look no further. Its finally her [more]
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Getting to know Casa Brisa del Mar

Mar 31, 2021
Can you picture yourself living just 15 steps away to the white sands of the San Juan del Sur bay? This brand new, [more]
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