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Buying with Trinity Real Estate

Buying property is a major event in one’s life. It is our goal to help navigate you through this process with as little stress as possible. Thank you for considering Trinity Real Estate for this opportunity! 
We want you to understand that working with Trinity, is not hiring a real estate agent.  Instead, it is hiring your own personal real estate advisor.
It is our job is to do more than search for a property for you. We ensure we have the most accurate, up-to-date information and knowledge of the market. This guarantees that you can make the best decisions about your future investment.
My experience and well as my knowledge, have helped me develop a list of best practices. This ensures a successful sale.  We want to share these with you. They are pearls of wisdom for both you the buyer, and us the agent.

We must have one. You are going to hear from us a lot. We both have to be open and transparent in order for us to be successful. An open line of communication is critical.

It is a group effort to make a successful purchase. On our end, we will share all the market information we have with you. We will search for properties both from my portfolio and from other agents in the area. If you find a property that you love, share it with us. That way we can do our work and research on it, advise you, and represent you. 

It is true. There is a lot of work and investment from all parties involved in the search of your property. Consulting, interviews, research. Photos, videos, marketing, showings of the property, etc. Please take that into consideration.

Sale prices are another. Negotiation is an expected part of a real estate transaction. We most likely will have to bid to get to the final price. With this in mind, our offers need to be serious and formal in nature and we have to respect and honour the sellers. This will likely mean including a deposit at the time of the offer. It shows our respect and seriousness. We need to trust in our bidding strategy and let the sale play out.

The Pearls of Wisdom

focused on you

And finally.

This isn’t a pearl of wisdom, but our personal mantra: trust. Trust that we know what we are doing. Firstly, have a strong and proven background in real estate. Secondly we strive to educate ourselves on the subject. Reading books and articles on the subject is something we do. Also, listening to podcasts and seminars about real estate  keeps us sharp. Furthermore, (thirdly) we have even enlisted the services of our own real estate coaches. Working to improve our skills is our commitment.  We owe it to you to provide the best service we can.
If this doesn’t convince you, know that we have made hundreds of successful transactions. We look forward to adding your sale to our list of achievements.
Are you ready to start our relationship and for us to help you buy your property?

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