About our team

Joao Mucciolo

Founder and Broker

Joao Mucciolo, the owner of Trinity Real Estate, is one of the top real estate agents in Nicaragua. This has been the case since the moment he started focusing on real estate sales in 2017.

Hernán Flores

Real estate agent

In 2017, Hernan decided to venture into the real estate business. The idea of helping others find their dream home in a beautiful city like Granada appealed to him deeply.

Laura Taylor

Marketing Strategy Director

Laura handles leading advertising, marketing communications, market research, and management of distribution channels.

Daphne espinoza

real estate agent

Daphne is a high-end real estate agent. Daphne has extensive knowledge of the market and an unmatched devotion to clients. Her success is a direct result of her positive referrals.

Nancy Ulloa

Administrative assistant

Nancy is a native of San Juan del Sur. She decided to study Tourism Administration to take advantage of the area’s growing tourism industry.

Joel Johnson

Director Content Strategy

Is the Director of Content Strategy and Lead Photographer at Trinity Real Estate Nicaragua. He is also a founding partner in the Selva Pacifica.

Jurgen Martinez

Audiovisual Creative Director

Jurgen is a marketing specialist, focused on digital marketing. He studies film direction and visual merchandising.

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