Discovering Nicaragua Episode 3: Granada

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The wait is over! The much anticipated third instalment of our series Discovering Nicaragua is here!

You may know Nicaragua for its stunning Pacific coastline. But the country is actually known as The land of lakes and volcanoes. It also has what may be the very first city in mainland America. Nestled on the banks of Lake Nicaragua, flanked by Volcan Mombacho. This stunning colonial town –Granada- lives up to its reputation. That is that it is the crown jewel of Nicaragua.

Like all magical cities, Granada possesses a unique ability to interest anyone. Foodies? There are traditional foods, modern takes and even a chocolate factory. Culture buffs? There is a thriving art scene and you can find paintings, weaving, leather work. Take a ride in a traditional horse drawn carriage or for nature lovers, a boat tour the lake and its many isletas.

And for lovers of architecture? Well this is The Town. It is a treasure trove of both pristine and restored colonial architecture. An absolute feast for the eyes.

With accommodations in all budgets, Granada is a not-to-be-missed destination.

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