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I imagine you have heard of Rancho Santana in Tola, Nicaragua. And if you have heard about it, maybe you don’t really know the whole story about how it started, the new things they have done, and why it is so special.

Our friend and Direction of Guest Services, Alberto Marin from Rancho Santana, accepted an interview with us and tell us a little about this wonderful place.

We’ll talk about how it started and why, what makes it special, and what you can expect when you visit.

For me, Rancho Santana is one of my favorite places in all of Nicaragua because although it is extremely luxurious and beautiful, it feels Nica! Rancho Santana managed to combine luxury, nature, beautiful architecture, and the Nicaraguan essence.

At Trinity we have expanded our reach to Tola as you have seen lately, and Rancho Santa is no exception. To see the real estate opportunities we have in Rancho Santa.

And if you are interested in renting, our sister company also managed to make an agreement with Rancho Santana and you can see more information here:

Here we are always at your disposal for your real estate needs in the South Pacific of Nicaragua, especially San Juan del Sur and Tola. We are and will always be at your service for whatever you need.

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