Legal Real Estate stuff to know – Episode 4

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“The Frequently Asked Legal Questions of Nicaraguan Real Estate”

Welcome to the fourth and final episode in our series “Talking to a Lawyer” where we tackle questions related to legal matters in real estate transactions here in Nicaragua. We’ve saved some of heavy hitting questions for the end.

If you’d like to lean more about:

  • Transfer Tax – important to clear this up!
  • Plot maps – are they required? Recommended?
  • Escrow accounts – how do these work in Nicaragua? Do they even exist?

Watch this vide to find out the answers to the questions above, direct from the expert.

Again- we’d like to extend our gratitude to Eduardo Cabrales, Managing Partner from the law office of Garcia and Bodan here in San Juan del Sur and Tola. Despite being a busy gentleman, he took the time to film this four-part series with us. The information he shared is also very accurate and trustworthy.

Check out the video, and we hope you find it useful. 

As always, Trinity Real Estate Nicaragua is here ready and able for any of your real estate needs.

And if you missed the previous episodes of our series, here you have them!

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