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For many, buying a home in Nicaragua is about more than just having a place to vacation. It is often about the opportunity to enjoy a return on their investment through rentals.

With the recent, yet cautious return of travellers to Nicaragua following the COVID-19 pandemic, many potential investors are asking, “What is the vacation rental situation like?”

In order to get the best information possible, we reached out to the team at Selva Pacifica Luxury Rentals here in San Juan del Sur. We wanted to make sure we were getting first-hand, expert insight into the rental market for you. Laura Johnson was kind enough to speak to us and we invite you to watch the interview.

Laura brings more than 10 years of experience in the rental market in Nicaragua and has worked with many clients. Previous to COVID-19, she was part of a team of AIRBNB leaders in Central America. With more than 500 five-star reviews, we are confident with the market insights she provides.

What we learned (and are sharing with you!) is that that while rentals are picking up, the needs and wants of renters in a post COVID-19 world are very different. From much longer stays, to the desire for better equipped kitchens and faster wifi, this interview provides us with a lot of tips for prospective buyers as well those of you already navigating the rental market.

If you’d like to engage the expertise of Laura and the team at Selva Pacifica, reach out to them directly at or through their website We highly suggest you do just this.

As always, the team at Trinity Real Estate Nicaragua are here to answer your questions about purchasing your dream home or piece of land.

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