Our Selling Process

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These are the steps we will follow to sell your property:

  • We have to get know each other first so that we can better advise you. We need to understand your needs and for you to understand the process we follow.
  • Let's get to know the property next. What things can we improve or do to sell the property faster, more efficiently, and sell it for as much money as possible
  • Then we have to market your property. We will take photos, videos, and take virtual tours of your property. We will publish your property on internet portals, social networks, and an aggressive campaign of emails and text messages to our clients. We will also share your property information with the most important real estate agencies in the country.
  • We will be in contact with you regularly to keep you informed of what is happening in the market and with your property.
  • We will represent you and negotiate for you when we receive offers. And we will only accept serious and formal offers.
  • Once we accept an offer, we will accompany you and lead the legal team that we form until the completion of the transaction.

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