An ode to living in San Juan del Sur.

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I love living at the beach. And I love living in San Juan del Sur.

Before I moved here, I lived in big ,busy cities: Brasilia, Quito, Brussels, Houston, Managua.

I managed my own restaurant company with several branches, withmore than 120 employees. A job that came with lots of stress.

One day, I decided that I was ready to realize my dream of living at the beach– of living a simpler life–without so much stress.

Living my dream has not meant that I don’t work. To be honest, I work the same amount, or maybe even more than I did before. But my surroundings and my free time offer me a better balance in my life.

I want for other people to experience the same quality of life that I now have. That so many also dream of. Spending more time at the beach, more time in nature, and more time just slowing down.

And so, here is my silly, but from the heart, ode to living to life at the beach in San Juan del Sur.

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