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Surfing changed my life.

There is a negative perception of surfers that I believe was created by certain Hollywood movies. But the truth is that surfing is a beautiful sport that combines body, mind, and the raw nature of the ocean.

First of all, physically it is not easy. One has to be in excellent physical condition to be able to surf, or vice versa, taking up surfing is a great form of exercise. Mentally, it teaches us a lot, especially patience. Surfing takes a long time to learn and improve, finding balance and coordination on the board and how the waves move. Surf conditions also require one to have patience and learning as they are not always present, or may require you to watch how the waves break. Only resilient and persistent people excel at surfing as the learning curve is long and hard.

Finally, surfing provides an unparalleled connection to nature. The beauty of the sea, surrounded by sun, animals, open-air, and with people who share this extraordinary passion makes it a spiritual experience.

When we were invited to be the official sponsors of the first children’s tournament in Nicaragua, we didn’t think twice about it. How could we not be part of this and support children in their journey into surfing?

It was a beautiful day, full of family time, sun and beach, and full of learning.

In the days leading up to the tournament, children were training in the ocean with their coaches to prepare for the day. This event was the only thing people were talking about!

My seven-year-old daughter competed too. She was nervous but determined to do well. At the end of her round she told me, “Dad, I gave it my best.”

In the end, I learned from the children too: have a good time and always give our best. 

I hope you’ll join us in the next tournament so you can see how beautiful it was. And if you want to learn to surf, we recommend you check out Rebelde Surf School.

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