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Today we want to share with you Believe Academy. 

Not every email we send you is about real estate here in San Juan del Sur. Often, we want to sure with you the good things that are happening in our community. Keep you up to date on the going on. 

Believe Academy started out in 2021 with a few basketballs, a basketball rim, and a vision. A vision of showing kids how to play basketball and experience sports in San Juan del Sur. 

Now, one year later, things have grown exponentially. The academy is operating several programs in the community of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. And it has moved well beyond basketball (though don’t worry, that is still part of what is on offer!) 

There are children’s programs like art, computers, music, english and of course, sports. 

Education programs for children in situations that need more oversight and more encouragement. A safe place for them to learn. 

They’ve taken it further than children’s needs. Partnering with local businesses, Believe Academy provides food and clothing to underprivileged families. 

The team is also working to equip adults in the community to learn critical jobs skills. By partnering with local businesses, opportunities for employment increase. The skills required to be successful in obtaining those positions are then taught in training sessions. This addresses the issue of unemployment in the local community. It empowers people with knowledge and training. This helps them be successful job applicants. 

At Trinity Real Estate we understand the value that Believe Academy brings to our community. And we support their mission. 

You can also visit there website here.

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