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Are you going a bit crazy with the kids at home?

Posted by nancy_trinity on June 2, 2020

We met Anadylia Cuadra in a conference for parents with young children when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter. Anadylia’s tips fascinated us, due to their simplicity and practicality. Since then we have become friends, and every time we need help in any matter of education for our children, she is our first call.

Anadylia is a pedagogue, and her passion is to help. When I asked her to give us tips on how to better manage these times when the children are at home full time, she immediately said yes. She also open to help anyone who needs extra and personalized help. Anadylia allowed me to share her email with you:

I hope this interview is useful.

Remember that I am here in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, and I am here to help you in any way I can. Not only in matters of real estate in the area… .but in anything.

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