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Discovering The North of Nicaragua – Episode 4

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It was that time of year, a time where my family and I embarked on the classic summer road trip.

Leaving the beaches behind us, we piled into the “Trinity Mobile” and headed north, inland to the mountains and the mists of Nicaragua. And thus, the fourth instalment of ‘Discovering Nicaragua’ is here for you all to enjoy.

The actors are a little bit cuter than usual this week, but I may be biased. They really bring a sense of how fun exploring this region was and is.

The north is famous for its cooler climate and ideal growing conditions. Coffee and cigars are the region’s claim to fame, not just nationally, but internationally as well. Visits to the two large cities of Esteli and Matagalpa are a wonderful experience. The food, the people, the landscape and the hospitality are top notch.

One must see attraction is the famous Somoto Canyon-you’ll see why!

My family and I had an incredible time together on this trip, and I am glad to not only have this video to share with you, but as well, to help us remember this time together in the years to come.

For those looking to get off the beaten path and truly explore all sides of this country, northern Nicaragua is a must.

And if you missed the previous episodes of our series, here you have them!

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