Wishing you a very happy, healthy (and tasty) holidays

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As we come into the holidays, I’ve had a little more time to spend with family and friends, laughing, surfing, and especially sharing great food. One of those friends I had an opportunity to spend time with was Marielle Mulder. 

Marielle started a food blog that shares different recipes based on local ingredients. She has also begun working with families who have moved to San Juan del Sur to help them get to know what is available in markets and stores. She has lots of experience cooking. Previously she cooked for the guests when she owned her own Hotel, and now for her family. She doesn’t stop there either, going one step further into homes to work with local help and teach them how to cook the recipes from her blog.

We work with many people and families who are new to the Life in San Juan del Sur, and they have lots of “after the buy”questions, and one in particular is: what types of foods are available here? Who better to ask than Marielle?

On behalf of the team here at Trinity Real Estate Nicaragua, I want to wish you a very happy, healthy (and tasty) holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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