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Joel is the Director of Content Strategy and Lead Photographer at Trinity Real Estate Nicaragua. He is also a founding partner in the Selva Pacifica. Joel ensures that what you see depicts the beauty and amenities of the homes. He also ensures that homes are accurately depicted. He’s published his architectural and travel photography worldwide in magazines, websites, and print.

Joel’s background in photography started as a creative outlet. He was working long hours as an advanced care paramedic in Toronto. Always an artistic person, whether in music or drawing, photography was a natural fit. His images and talent became noticed quickly. He began in the field of portrait photography. When he and his wife started a rental business in Nicaragua, he added architectural photography to his list of skills. Joel went one step further, getting his Master’s degree in Communications and Media. He put particular emphasis on imagery found in social media content, and how to leverage it for sales and fundraising. He presented his findings at an international conference. Joel currently works with several non-profit organizations, utilizing his knowledge to increase fundraising.

Joel loves being behind the lens of his camera and capturing life’s moments. Traveling around the world with Laura has been his life’s highlight, and how they found Nicaragua. Joel loves sharing this amazing country with others through images. He knows they too will come to love this incredible and beautiful place, its people, and its culture.

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