Discovering Nicaragua Episode 1: Somewhere in the Caribe!

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Is it your dream to travel the world and discover new places? I hear this often when I am speaking with foreign clients who have discovered and fell in love with Nicaragua. They want to come and explore the country and all it has to offer. 

Well, this has been a dream of mine too, even though I live here, and to travel this country and discover those hidden gems. I preach living that type of life, one that gets you away from it all, so I’ve started a project that I’d like to share with you over the next little while.

Discovering Nicaragua with Trinity Real EstateThe Caribe is the first episode in a series that showcases some amazing places and culture that Nicaragua has to offer.

In a series of videos, I’ll share the trips that I’ve taken, both with family and friends, of these wonderful places. I will provide you with details of where we stayed and how we got there. In others, I will keep some of it a secret for the reason that some places need to be discovered on your own, or just may not have the infrastructure to serve many tourists.

In this first episode, I traveled with four friends, all who love water sports. We ventured out together to the Caribbean side of Nicaragua to camp, enjoy the water sports and the sea. I hope you enjoy this episode and watch my series—I may not be a video star but I enjoyed every minute of making this—where I introduce you to the beauty of that is my Nicaragua.

If you have any questions, whether about the travel or for your real estate needs, remember, Trinity Real Estate Nicaragua is ready to assist you.

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