Discovering Nicaragua Episode 2: Corn Island

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Welcome to the second episode of Discover Nicaragua!

This time we went to the absolutely stunning Big Corn Island—off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua—just an hour flight from Managua.

Big Corn Island is a haven of marine life, coconuts, and tranquility.
One of the many perks of Big Corn Island is that it is very easy to get there. Daily flights, only an hour in length, deliver you to the Island. And there are many options for places to stay on Big Corn from hotels, to guest houses and AIRBNB’s—you have several options.

The most popular things to do here are aquatic: scuba and snorkel. But with sheltered, aqua-coloured water and great Caribbean beaches, floating in the water and relaxing while having piña coladas and eating lobster until you are stuffed is a great plan too.

After more than a year of not being able to travel, going to Big Corn Island was the easiest and cheapest option for an island getaway. No tests, no long lines, and no long waits.

If you are traveling with children like I was, The Corn Islands are great, especially Arenas beach where the water was as calm as a pool. My children only came out of the water to sleep.

An adventurous 30 minute boat ride away lies the isolated Little Corn Island. With no vehicles and electricity only part of the day, this is the place to live out your castaway dreams. This tiny island offers up many more options for activities and accommodations as well.

If you want me to give you more details about the trip, contact me. And don’t forget, we are here for all your real estate needs.

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