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The options of international flights into Liberia, Costa Rica have always been greater than flying into the capital city of Nicaragua, Managua. Even before the travel complications and cancellations that the COVID-19 pandemic brought along with it this was true. Now, more than ever, flying into Costa Rica to access Nicaragua may make more sense for many of you.

Did you know that the travel time between Liberia Airport and San Juan del Sur (or Tola) is only 3 hours and this is counting the border crossing?  It is as well just 5 hours to Managua…! Add to that, the cost of flying into Liberia is often 1/3 that of the price of tickets to Managua.

As of today there are 21 airports around the world where you can catch a direct flight to Liberia and there are lots of connection opportunities. There are 371 direct flights this month alone!

So, if you really want to come to Nicaragua (and we know you do) you have options!

In order to get you the best information about flying this route, I called my good friend Camilo Rivera from Southwind Travel. I interviewed him and he was kind enough to share his knowledge and experiences in transportation services. We spent quite a bit of time talking about his passenger transfer services from Liberia to Nicaragua (as well as from Nicaragua to Liberia) so you could get and experts take on this route.

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