Discovering Nicaragua Episode 5: Ometepe

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We’ve been off on another little getaway here in Nicaragua!

The fresh water island of Ometepe measures just 31 kilometres (19 mi) long and 5 to 10 kilometres (3.1 to 6.2 mi) wide. But let us tell you, this tiny treasure delivers HUGE adventure!

Located in Lake Nicaragua, this island paradise boasts:

 ➤Two volcanos

 ➤Natural mineral springs


 ➤Hiking trails

 ➤Volcano hikes

 ➤Abundant wildlife

Even just getting to the island on the ferry is an adventure in and of itself. The feeling of getting closer, and closer to one of the worlds most beautiful volcanoes by water is hard to describe.

My family and I really enjoyed our getaway here together, and we certainly will be back to Ometepe sooner than later!

As always, we at the Trinity Real Estate Nicaragua team are here for all your Nicaragua real estate needs.

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